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Additional extensions present above the goalposts and crossbar

In certain circumstances matches are played on multi-sport fields
and extensions are present above the goalposts and crossbar.
In such a situation the referee must recognize that the extensions
are considered not to be part of the field of play.
Play must be stopped if the ball makes contact with the extensions.
An exception is made in this case to the normal procedure for the interference of an outside agent.
Play is restarted either with a goal kick-if the ball was last touched by an attacker, or a corner kick-if the ball was last touched by a defender. This decision is based on the fact that without the extensions interference, the ball would have continued out over the crossbar and the goal line.


Overhanging trees and other permanent outside agents

One of a referee's pre-game duties is to check the field of play for outside agents. 
If such objects exist it is the referee's responsibility to inform the proper authorities (OSU Office) and request the object's removal.   If removal is not possible, the referee should not begin the match. 
In certain cases permanent outside agents are present in the vicinity of the field of play which over hang the field. 
In this case the referee may proceed with the match while remaining aware of the possibility that such permanent objects will likely interfere with play.  When the ball strikes an overhanging agent play must be stopped. 
Play is restarted with a drop-ball from the position directly beneath the
place where the contact occured.





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