Ranked #1 Soccer Club in Ottawa

The History and Foundation of our Club

The merger discussions that brought the two clubs together, had commenced as far back as 2001. They became focused in November and December of 2002, when the respective presidents of the two founding clubs; Bill Michalopulos of ORSA and John Harrison of SNU brought the Founding Board together as well as other key volunteers for the conclusive discussions  and subsequent vote that led to the creation of OSU in 2003.

Founding Board in 2003

  • Bill Michalopulos - President
  • Lorne Leech - Past President
  • John Harrison - Vice President
  • Peter McGann - Treasurer 
  • Martin McCoy - Secretary
  • Rene Braendli - Technical Director
  • Andrew Buzza - Director, Adults
  • Howard Campbell - Director, Recreational
  • Steve Campbell - Director, Developmental
  • Duncan Campbell - Director, Discipline
  • Vance Maceachern - Director, Competitive

Life Members

  • Kevin Carr
  • Dave Gregory
  • Peter Rossiter
  • Steve Weir 

*All Founding Board Members are also life members

See below for historical communication, as OSU began to form in 2003:

Dear Members of SNU and ORSA,                                                                                          3.02.2003

By the time you have received this message we are certain that most of you have already heard that the membership of the Osgoode – Rideau Soccer Association (ORSA) and South Nepean United (SNU) has overwhelmingly voted in support of the merger of our two soccer clubs. This occurred after a combination of “Open Houses” and two Special General Meetings (SGM) in January 2003 by each club, which were heavily attended bythe membership.

The new club will be know as Ottawa South United (OSU), and we expect that in a few years time it will be recognized as one of the premier soccer clubs in Ontario and Canada. Obviously to reach our goals we will need to have your continuing support and participation to make this possibility a reality. During the next few weeks we will be working to integrate the two existing clubs as wellas having the registration for the summer season of 2003. In March we will have the newclub constitution ready and we will call an SGM for ratification.

As 2003 is expected to be a transition year where the going forward business processes of OSU will be worked out. We expect to have a few speed bumps along the way; therefore your patience and understanding will be appreciated as we bring a new association of over 5000 people together. Look at the existing Web Sites for updates.

We are also very pleased to inform you know that the following individuals make up the founding Board of Directors of OSU:

  • Bill Michalopulos - President
  • John Harrison - V.P
  • Lorne Leech - Past President
  • Peter McGann - Treasurer
  • Stephen Weir - Secretary
  • Rene Braendli - Technical Director
  • Vance McEachern - Competitive Youth Director
  • Martin McCoy - Developmental Director
  • Howard Cambell - Recreational Director
  • Andrew Buzza - Adult Soccer Director
  • Duncan Campbell -Discipline & Referee Director

We are very excited about the possibilities ahead of us and during the next few weeks the individuals mentioned will be calling on many of you to participate as volunteers in OSU in different capacities and in providing input and recommendations as committee members on specific projects. Your active and ongoing support is critical. Again thankyou for your support and OSU will be back to you in the spring with an update.

Bill Michalopulos                                                    John Harrison

President, ORSA                                                   President, SNU