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U4 First Kicks

Players Born in 2018

Program Description: First Kicks is OSU’s Active Start program.

Players will be introduced to the fun and exciting sport of soccer through physical literacy, technical development, fun games and structured play.

Program Details:


2022 Options:

  1. An 7 week Spring program for U3-U5, which is scheduled to begin in late April or early May
  2. A traditional 10 week Summer season, which is scheduled to begin in mid to late late June
  3. Fall program for U3-U5, which is scheduled to begin in mid September


Days & Locations:  

  • Days: to be confirmed based on program start date - we aim to offer a mid-week evening & weekend morning session
  • Locations: Barrhaven/Manotick area before May 15

For the Spring season, we will attempt to mirror the Summer program  as close as possible pending program enrollment and facilities utilized. A detailed program schedule will be provided to you in advance of our start date.


Days & Locations:  

  • Days available: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Locations: Two options available: West Locations: Barrhaven
  • East Locations: Manotick, Riverside South, Findlay Creek, *Greely (*Saturday Only)

Below you will find the planned fields during a normal summer season, which are subject to mergers or changes depending on enrollment. OSU will do our best to have you placed at the field closest to your home, whenever possible

Monday nights:

  • Centennial Park (Manotick)
  • Kilbirnie Park (Barrhaven)

Tuesday nights:

  • Brackens Field Park (Manotick)
  • Half Moon Bay Park (Barrhaven)
  • Kilbirnie Park (Barrhaven)

Wednesday nights: 

  • Findlay Creek - Leitrim or Diamond Jubilee Park
  • Half Moon Bay Park (Barrhaven)
  • Kilbirnie Park (Barrhaven)
  • Mountain Meadows (Riverside South)
  • Spratt Park (Riverside South)

Saturday mornings:

-  Andy Shields (Greely)
-  Berry Glen Park (Barrhaven)
-  Centennial Park (Manotick)
-  Earl Mulligan Park (Barrhaven)
-  Kilbirnie Park (Barrhaven/Half Moon Bay)
-  Leitrim Park (Findlay Creek)
-  Spratt Park (Riverside South)


Saturday Time: 9:00 - 10:00 AM (U3) or 10:00-11:00AM (U4-U5) ** note - times may be adjusted depending on enrollment

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Time: 5:15 or 5:30PM start - we may offer both a 5:15 & 6:15/6:30 class at a particular field, depending on enrollment

Year-End Festival: scheduled as the last activity for the summer season. Details will be sent to you directly

Target Team Size: 8-10 players

Format: Boys & girls together

Parents on Field: Yes

Twice a Week Option: Players have the option of registering for both Saturday and Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Sessions.



Early Bird

Ends April 15

Regular Fee

Begins April 16

Once a Week $140 $180
Twice a Week $240 $280

Fees Include:                

  • Uniform (jersey, shorts, socks)
  • Size 3 soccer ball, which is most appropriate for their age
  • Certified youth coaches

Parents to Provide:             

  • Shoes (runners or cleats)
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • *Shin pads or cleats are not mandatory for U3



Program Coordinator: Craig Stead


Coaching: OSU youth staff coaches & volunteers - with parents help on the field

Friend & Field Requests: Yes

Important Dates:            

1st email to parents (program info): 3-4 weeks prior to start date

2nd email to parents (field & team info): 1 week prior to start date

Program Curriculum:

Sessions are 60 minutes in length with 45 minutes of active participation and include components of physical literacy, technical development, fun games and structured play in conjunction with the OSA’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) model.

Refund Policy