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Learn more about the Online Pre-Season Program

What are the core objectives of the Online Pre-Season Program:

  • Allow players to stay connected and receive quality instruction

  • Provide a balance of flexibility and consistent times that work for our players

  • Help provide an outlet for families to keep their child active

  • Help players prepare for their return to regular play in the future

What does the Online Pre-Season Program consist of?

  • Technical training sessions 

  • Physical conditioning & movement training sessions

  • Webinar sessions on game development

What is the timeline of the program?

  • The Online Pre-Season Program begins as of May 11 and will be in place until we return to normal on-field activities

Additional Opportunities:

  • Professional talks with coaches from professional teams & academies

  • University & College coach introductions from Canada & United States

  • University Prep - mentoring for high school students on an individual level

Who is the program available for?

  • All Force Academy players will have the program available to them, beginning May 11

  • players outside of OSU Force Academy are also able to register & join the program

How is the training delivered?

  • Training will be delivered via Zoom 

  • Details to join will be available directly to participants by an email shortly before the session is scheduled to begin

How is the training organized?

  • Sessions are delivered by age group and gender

  • Open sessions, at different times of the day are also available for flexibility and for players who want to do additional training

When is the training delivered?

  • Our schedule will provide set times by age group for players on a consistent basis, between Monday-Saturday

  • Our open sessions will be scheduled at different times of the day to provide flexibility for our players

How was the program developed?

  • Beginning in March, we test-piloted a number of initiatives that have evolved to allow us to develop the Online Pre-Season Program

What protocols & guidelines are in place for online training?

  • Participants must use their first name so we know who is participating 

  • Participants should have an identified space where they are able to use their ball and some physical activity (recommendations: garage, backyard, basement, living room as examples)

  • While in the sessions, participants should remain on mute, and use the chat features

  • Sessions will be delivered as group sessions only, and no one to one sessions will occur

How do I join?

  • Information will be sent directly to all Academy participants and no additional sign-up is required

  • The program is open to players outside of the Force Academy - you can register by contacting us for more information

If you have questions, please reach out to us:

  • Director, Soccer Operations:

  • Operations General Manager: