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Sports Performance Training


Program Description:

The Sports Performance Training program is designed to help our players use, develop and maintain their bodies as athletes. We believe that each player has three main responsibilities - school, their sports and their bodies. The Sports Performance program is designed to help individuals manage all three with a focus on progressing your body through movement, nutrition and sports psychology.

Program Details:

The Sports Performance program takes place at St. Mark’s Catholic High School and schedules are from January through the Spring. Specific event nights are dependent upon your child’s age group, and will be sent directly to you.


1x Week 2x Week
$150 $250

Fee Includes:                                                                                               

15 weeks of sessions @ 1.0 hours each

Parents to Provide:

  • Appropriate running shoes
  • Players to wear OSU practice uniform

Program Coordinator:

Craig Stead -                       


Brendan Gillanders & Joey Kwasniewski

Coaching Qualifications:

Joey Kwasniewski is a University of Ottawa Human Kinetics graduate, who also earned a Masters of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and holds a CSCS designation from the NSCA. Joey has been working as a performance coach for the last 10 years, and currently serves as the Varsity Lead Performance Coach for the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees.

Brendan Gillanders is a professional athlete with the Ottawa REDBLACKS. He has played professionally since 2013 after graduating from the University of Ottawa as an All-Canadian athlete. Brendan graduated from The University of Ottawa with a degree in Human Kinetics and holds a CSCS designation from the NSCA.

Program Curriculum:

  • Warm-ups, with speed and plyometrics training

  • Lower body development including feet, ankles and hips

  • Speed mechanics

  • Joint development

  • Core and spinal development

  • Improved ranges of motion and strength through that range

  • Primary lifting patterns - with calisthenics, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell

  • Building anaerobic and power capacities as well as recovery

Additional Training Opportunities:

Interested players are encouraged to train twice per week in the Sports Performance Program



Need More Information?

Contact: Craig Stead -